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Our Core Service


Portland Building Company is a home builder that has been in business since 1945 and built homes from Traverse City to Detroit.


We Do Our Best


We strive to make the home building or renovation process a great experience by:

  • Staying on budget

  • Keeping strict timelines

  • Going the extra mile


 Custom Homes     

Portland Building Co. offers Custom Home constructs that are one-of-a-kind, designed for a specific client and for a particular location. Our Custom Home Service may use plans created by an architect or one of our professional home designers we work with.

Portland offers professional design services for your dream home or cottage on a Northern Michigan lake.  Providing custom built homes for over 35 years on land the home buyer already owns or we can assist on the selection of a building lot for your new home or cottage.

 Starter Homes     

Starter homes are commonly bought by people who are buying their first home, a small home, inexpensive, suitable to first-time homebuyers.  Portland Builders can provide a starter home that is affordable and located in a nice area. We will design a home you will love and provide a design that allows the ability to add on in the future.


Renovation is the process of improving a structure. Our team can assist in commercial and residential renovations. Portland Building is designed to improve the value or desirability of a property through rebuilding, refurbishing, or adding on to existing structure. Contact us today and discover how we can update or alter the appearance and functional utility of your structure.

 Project Management     

The most important element we provide in project management is keeping the communication channels open between you, the designer, the builders, and the subcontractors to achieve the best possible outcome for your new house or renovations.  There is a great deal involved in managing a house-building project, including major renovation projects. Our staff will assist with the organizing of the design/blueprints, manage clean and professional crews on site, coordinate with the material suppliers, arrange inspections, answer all question during the process, and handle any variations and anything else that crops up along the way.

 Custom Home Design     

Creating the perfect house plan should be an exciting process, and at Portland Building Company, we have an experienced staff ready to make sure you get the house plan of your dreams. We offer complete custom home design services that include plan development and design, site planning and consultation. We provide an outstanding residential and small commercial planning service.  Choose a stock house plan from our collection; or we'll design a custom house plan for you.

 Luxury Homes     

Portland Building creates luxury custom homes that are as unique as you – reflecting your personal style, while meeting your high expectations for quality. For distinctive homes that truly inspire, discriminating buyers choose Portland Builders. We understand the importance of making the right decisions at every phase, including the critical first step of choosing a builder.  Our staff is passionate in our work and provides open communication, meet project timelines, and exceptional quality.


Home additions are a wonderful way to generate value for your house, and the possibilities are only limited by your own vision. A home addition provides space and luxury to your home.  Our expert staff will discuss all various home building styles and remodeling options available to you and provide a project timeline for the successful completion of your new home addition, garage, second floor, porch, deck, sunroom or other remodeling project

 House Plans     

Complete professional drawings and design are all part of the Portland Building experience. We are here to help design your project from start to finish, so when the product is complete, it will look as if it always was there.  A home's aesthetic value is what we look for.

 Site Analysis     

Any Portland Building site analysis starts with the identification of the prominent features such as existing vegetation and topography.  Preservation of the site’s natural features can result in cost savings associated with reduced landscaping cost, energy conservation from shading, and reduced water use. Woods, woodlands, lakes, trails and streams are important amenities that should be preserved. Protecting these site features when building can result in higher property values. We examine where the building will be placed because it can have a great influence on the effectiveness of passive design strategies, particularly as they relate to solar radiation and wind.

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